Saturday, June 30, 2012

Real Housewife of Fendi

Looks like Christina Kiesel is putting her good looks to use. Friend and co-star, Mary Zilba, recently tweeted this photo captioned with "Congratulations to my dear friend CHRISTINA, in Miami shooting photos as the new FENDI CASA MODEL!! "

Looking good Christina!

Friday, June 29, 2012

Christina's Stint in Rehab

It seems like Ronnie Negus isn't the only one with rehab experience. Christina Kiesel also has had her share of experiences!

Christina admits to having sever depression and checking herself into celebrity rehab center, Promises, in 2007. And while she was there, she was joined by a bald Britney Spears and Lindsey Lohan. Apparently she was bunk buddies with Lohan too.

She says Britney likes to drink orange juice when she's scared and Lindsey is really nice but really messy.

Thursday, June 28, 2012

The Housewives in Real Life

Christina Kiesel and a horse on her wedding day

Christina Kiesel with a baby elephant

Jody Claman with her son, Josh, daughter, Mia, and a fake Birken

Mary Zilba and her kids Chase, Cole and Chad (not in order)

A pregnant Reiko Mackenzie

Ronnie Seterdahl Negus

Mary Preforming her Song "Hero"

Season 1 Reunion, Part 1

Well a recap for this is obvious: five housewives sitting on a couch yell at each other. So here's a list of stuff we learned about each wifey:

Christina Kiesel
  • still gorgeous
  • both her exes are Jewish and watch the show. They like it
  • she really is 30. The rumors about her being older were started by herself. She has older friends so she lied about her age growing up to get into bars
  • did not sleep with Mia
  • well this is from the last episode but apperently she's not speaking to any of the other housewives. Not out of spite, just because.
Reiko Mackenzie
  • has launched her own song called "Unstoppable". I'm assuming that was the song in refernece during the interview. Listen to a preview of it here
Ronnie Negus
  • now on team Jody
  • fighting with Mary
  • used to have a Jewish husband (Jhordan's dad)
  • prone to panic attacks
Jody Claman
  • isn't a real Jew but she is Jewish. She converted although she tried to make it sound more legit by saying her mother had also converted. You're still not as Jewish as you could be.
  • still insisting that all the good in her store are brand new even though she admitted to them being second-hand/vintage
  • still rude and completition of elementry school is still in question
Also enjoy these gradual face expressions of host, Mike Bickerton, as the interviews progressed:

Mike Bickerton happy

Mike Bickerton skeptical

Mike Bickerton tired

Thursday, June 21, 2012

Jody Back in the Day

Before her reign as Queen of Mean, Jody used to actually bake and hang out with Christina's BFF Kevin Chase.

Jody and Kevin Chase

Young Mary Zilba

Before marriage and kids, it seems Ms. Mary Zilba had a pretty cool life as Miss Ohio!

A Younger Christina!

Have a look at the Real Housewives of Vancouver's youngest cast-mate, Christina Kiesel, at an even younger age!

Photos From S1Ep13

Mary Zilba and Christina Kiesel posing with Rehab wine

Ice sculpture of Rehab

Ronnie and Russell Negus

Jody Claman in drag

Season 1, Ep 13- Season Finale

I am so sad the Real Housewives of Vancouver is finished. Yeah, I know there'll be another season but it doesn't start filming till this summer and then there's a waiting period of editing and whatnot till my beloved show comes again. I hope to God they film more. Some of the other Housewives series have up to 23 episodes- 10 more than Vancouver. So fingers crossed! Also the reunion's on soon so I guess all is not lost. Anyway- RECAP!

Ronnie launched her wine!!! I like how she manages to launch her wine in a few months but Jody's been working on her cookbook for over a year and still nothing. But back to Ronnie. I LOVED the label. It's so cute.

Ronnie's wine label for Rehab
And how cute is Ronnie's husband Russell?!

Ronnie and Russell Negus
But not as cute as Jhordan's speech. Especially the part to Russell. "You're one of the best step-dads I've ever had." I actually laughed out loud at that one.

The event looked great and so did all the housewives. People were having a good time too and then Jody and Mia show up. What is wrong with these women?! Mia is literally just going up to people and saying bad stuff! And the thing she did to Darla where she stuck her fingers down her throat and made retching sounds was just embarrassing on her part. Then Ronnie goes over to ask her what's going on and she has the audacity to say Darla was causing the trouble. Well I'm not sure if Ronnie kicked them out but Jody and Mia made their way to leave and then out of nowhere Jody starts screaming that Reiko cheated on her husband and whatnot. Which she later denied!!! Like WHAT? Everybody heard you!

So the drama of course is escalated even further so the next day Ronnie organizes a lunch where everyone can sit down and air out their issues. Mary, Reiko and Christina expressed their doubts about coming. Mary flat out refused and Ronnie had to beg her to come. Jody of course was all game. And what is with her coat? Seriously. The last time long, white fur coats were cool was back in the 70's when PIMPs wore them with purple hats and drove around in Cadillacs.

Jody's PIMP coat

The lunch got out of hand pretty quickly. EVERYONE ganged up against. Jody. Even Ronnie! AND she apologized to Mary for not sticking up for her sooner. She kind of hung back while everyone called out Jody's bullshit and then at the end she told Jody that she had messed with the wrong person, how she would regret knowing her and then that she never wanted to speak to her again. Go Ronnie!

Jody's defences were completely weak. She never apologized and made several lies and whatnot. AND SHE STILL WEARS HER GLASSES! INSIDE!

Oh and the long anticipated truth about her Hermes bags? THEY'RE VINTAGE!!!! Which means: second-hand. Seriously, that woman is so dumb. Mary told her she and everyone else had heard Jody's stuff was second-hand and then Jody tells them that she gets her Hermes bags from a vintage shop in Paris. What an idiot. Her stuff is second-hand and then she goes and tries to sue Mary for telling everyone. I mean look at the photo of the group. Everyone looks just completely bored and fed up with her.

But it seems everyone is finally anti-Jody. Yay! I'm so happy with the finale. Hopefully the reunion's just as good! :)

Tuesday, June 19, 2012

News on RHOV Season 2

The finale of the Real Housewives of Vancouver airs tomorrow. Tears from fans will ensue of course but luckily there's hope! Season 2 will be under way shortly and a reunion show has been announced!

The season finale of The Real Housewives of Vancouver airs tomorrow (Wednesday) on Slice at 10 p.m. ET. The reunion is a two-part show that will air on June 27th and July 4th.

And guess what? Season two begins shooting in July! But allegedly without Christina (according to a source very close to the show). That I'm totally bummed about. She's my favourite. Hopefully there will be new housewives though. As much as I love watching Jody make an embarrassed of herself, she's only 40% of why I watch with Ms. Kiesel being the other 58% (and 1% for Reiko's cars and 1% shared for Mary and Ronnie).

New Info on the Wives

Well I just got some information from a Vancouverite and he says there's some truth and some falsehoods to the lives and scandles of the Real Housewives of Vancouver. Here's some of the information I got:

  • Christina never was a prostitute. She marrid a wealthy guy at 19, then left him for someone even wealthier- David Aisenstat, owner of The Keg. Both men do quite well of more than likely Christina got a good divorcee settlement
  • Jody did not start her business with $800. She comes from a wealthy family and they supported her business ventures. But the bit about her and Mia causing trouble in Vancouver is true. They call themselves the "Claman Sisters". Also Mia is still a confirmed skank.
  • Mary has been married twice to men who made lots of money. The "venture capitalist" she referred to is her second husband.
  • Ronnie is rich in thanks to her third husband. Also she has 4 kids by 3 different men.
  • Reiko's husband, Sun News Lal, did have mob connections but that was before they were married. The mystery is where their current source of income comes from. Some say he comes from a wealthy family and others say he still has connection with the Indo-Canadian mob.

Monday, June 18, 2012

Christina's Past

Well I found this comment about real housewife Christina Kiesel. It could be false but it seems she's had a less than glamorous past. She's still my favourite but have a look:

"Christina Kiesel – from Surrey which is worse than Merrit– she attended Guildford Work and Learn (school for the drop outs, the whores, and the generally lazy and useless) – she has and always will be into drugs, huge amounts of Pepsi and is always cracked out – she was a stripper at 17 at the Paramount & Brandys – then she was an escort gross- she met David Aiesenstat because she was a working girl/stripper/escort/whore ABOVE THE KEG (at Brandi’s) Sorry – oops SO sorry – I mean while she was studying up on digging for gold in Vancouver. IF YOU HAVE A PAST – do not go on reality TV – right?! WHO BEHAVES THAT WAY!

OH and she is NOT the age she says! She is over 40′ I went to school with her! But she knows enough shady folks who can change that for her!"

I also found this:

Also men be careful, as Christina will blackmail her clients if they won’t help her financially.

Later Edit:
I got some new info on the wives and apparently this claim is false. Read new info here.

More on the Real Jody

Well I think I hit a new low have a new favourite website in The Dirty. It gets worse for Miss Jody Claman. Looky what I found:

"Jody is a vulgar, disgusting, hypocritical liar. She has a dirty past, some of which I know not too be too distant. Without any detail as to protect the names of the guilty accomplices and innocent parties, she’s benefitted from smuggling, trafficking, extorted prominent men who’ve had an affair with her, sold large sums of hijacked merchandise, and worse which I will exclude. She may be a hard worker because she’s so utterly greedy, but she didn’t get started without ‘funding’ and didn’t maintain over the years without a questionable cash injection or two along the way. 

Her “self made” story is a weak alibi to anybody who knows her most guarded secrets, and is as contrived as every word that passes through her lips. The fact that she doesn’t have any of her multiple friends from the 80′s and 90′s by her side today speaks volumes. Friendship with Jody has been a revolving door since she came to Vancouver for very good reason. Several children each with a different dad. Sadly, your kids are a by product of your attempt to sleep your way to success. Speaking of which, why has she made a point of neglecting to mention her first husband? Her oldest daughter wasn’t immaculately conceived. Hmmmmm. Did you perhaps become better over time at faking legitimacy? 

It’s gratifying to know that some few people have enough on you to cause you more than a headache. But those of us with true class will continue to live our lives with the details of your secrets safely locked away. Now enjoy yourself darling, while you embarrass yourself to anybody who can see through your trash, which you’ve desperately tried to package as class."

Check out the comment thread on this post. They have some good dirt on the housewives.

The Truth (?) About Jody's Store

Apparently everything really is fake. Christina clarified that Hermes only sells their products to Hermes stores yet Jody claims to have and sell Hermes bags. So are they fake or second-hand? Fake apparently. A commenter about a posts on the Clamans revealed this:

"Yes it is fake. It comes from China. They are pretty good knock offs but if you want the real thing…buy it from a real store. Go to Gucci, Hermes, LV….don’t go to some small store in West Vancouver that sells second hand goods... The MIA line is all from China. It’s cheap mass quantity stuff that they pay an extra 4cents to get a MIA label tacked on to it."

If her store really was legit, she would likely have something in the window saying "Licensed (insert brand) retailer". You can always call the brand and check if she is in fact licensed. I highly doubt it though.

Oh Jody.

The Real Jody and Mia?

Well what we all know is currently a hot and debated topic among RHOV fans- is Jody really rich and just how crazy is Mia? Well my research has wielded this:


  • confirmed to not be as rich as she says she is. As far as Vancouver wealth goes anyway
  • she's been driving the same Hummer since 2004 and shares it with Mia
  • she shares her "luxury" apartment with 5 other people
  • lies about having personal assistants
  • began her "charity" right before the RHOV began to earn some good credit. This one makes sense. She said somewhere she doesn't have charity status yet and how she pays for everything out of her own pockets, etc. To earn charity status there's a few months waiting period so that would explain why she isn't getting the charitable tax break
  • she's in debt


  • dates drug dealers and does hardcore drugs herself
  • frequently gets into physical fights around Vancouver
  • noted for sleeping around
  • has had plastic surgery work done including her nose and lips
  • does not have a place in London
  • doesn't work and hasn't even launched her website for her clothing line

Ronnie's Family

Ronnie posted this photo of her and her husband, Russell Negus, and their kids on their boat for Father's Day. So cute!

Thursday, June 14, 2012

Season 1, Ep 12

Second last episode of the season!

Looks like Reiko's going into business! She and her trainer are looking into partnering for his third Dojang location. The space they found was nice. I imagine they'll do quite well.

Christina and Mary went to a bar that also offers painting. They painted pictures of donkeys and Jody. The paintings were cute.
Mary's painting of Jody and Mia.
Christina's donkey

Mia launched her clothing line M.I.A.I can't say I liked her event. I think she should have just gotten a larger space to have a real runway in. The venue she had was too crowded. How was anyone supposed to move around? Also I think we can say she's defiantly the kind of person who needs makeup. Like really:

Also what was up with her friend? I get that you want to be fashion forward but, er, not your best:

Mary's event was better. She hosted a charity event for tubular sclerosis so she managed to get the restaurant space donated. The agreement though was that the owner, Peter Something, got to screen the guest list. Mary was happy because she knows that Mia isn't allowed at his restaurants. Apparently she threw a wine bottle at someone a few years ago at another restaurant. Not surprising. 

Despite their differences, Mary invited Jody who showed up hella late. Like what? Don't people show up on time anymore? They tried to intimidate her I guess by standing right in her line of sight during her preformance but she did a great job. How gorgeous did she look?

Also how bored did everyone look just before she got onstage? Haha

In the end Jody and Mia were spotted and kicked out. Jody was shocked and everyone else seemed pretty happy. The preview for next episode looks promising!!! It looks like Jody's downfall will be coming. Can't wait! Sadly it'll be the last for the season. Then a really long wait till season 2. :(