Monday, February 29, 2016

Christina Kiesel Arrested for Domestic Violence

On February 2nd of this year, the Real Housewives of Vancouver's Christina Kiesel was arrested. She was arrested and charged in Charleston, South Caroline for third-degree domestic violence.

No more information is available yet about the incident.

Friday, August 1, 2014

Mary Zilba Files Defense Against Jody Claman

Following a lawsuit from her Real Housewives of Vancouver cast-mate Jody Claman, Mary Zilba has filed a defense.

The original lawsuit from Jody Claman and her daughter Mia Deakin/Claman claims that Mary made comments to defame Mia by suggesting she hung out with gangsters. In her defense Mary Zilba rejected Claman's accusation that she had made defamatory comments. The defense also went on to add that if the court was to find Zilba’s comments were defamatory, they were either true or should be considered fair comment.

The lawsuit filed against Mary came in the aftermath of the June shooting of Mia Claman. Mia was shoot on June 12 in what is believed to be a gang-related shooting The intended target was actually Mia's alleged boyfriend and gang-member Jeffrey Chang, but somehow Mia was hit instead.

Following the shooting, Mary spoke to CBC where she discussed her thoughts on Mia's shooting. The interview caught the eyes of the Claman's and they filed a lawsuit the next day.

Sunday, June 29, 2014

PHOTO: Reiko Mackenzie's Ex's New Girlfriend

Former Real Housewives of Vancouver star Reiko Mackenzie's ex has moved on. Sun Mackenzie, who has been separated from Reiko for two years now, has been dating 20-something waitress named Ashley Bolton.

Following a string of nasty tweets from Reiko, Ashley deleted her twitter account. Seems Reiko's pretty bitter her ex has a girlfriend while she's still single. In the past few months, details of rocky relationships with both her ex-husband and girlfriend have come to light.

A story about Ashley and Sun was submitted to and I'd bet good money Reiko was the one who sent it. The post revealed some shocking insight into Reiko and Sun's relationship including that Sun is allegedly a drug dealer and sleeps with Reiko occasionally. Here's the whole post:

"Nik, Trashley has kept on the DL since she cancelled her social Media. She may think no one knows her game but we all do. Used to work at Cactus with Ashley Bolton aka Trashley. She acts all sweet to your face but will pretty much sleep with your brother, husband or anyone who is over 50 and appears to have money. She’s moved into a upscale hotel with her over the hill bf (Sun Mackenzie) former husband of Reiko Mackenzie. Oh and btw Trashley .. Sun still f$$ks Reiko from time to time.. It makes him feel better about giving the loot up to R. Sun is apparently beyond the law… Besides being a FT thug this guy clearly has some skeletons as he was aquitted of murder. Put these scandalous train wrecks on the blast."

It's Officially: Jody Claman's Broke

Since season one of the Real Housewives of Vancouver, we've speculated that Jody's life story was a tall tale. The $40,000 a day muffin business, real Birkins, private jet, etc. But now we have proof!

In the midst of her divorce from Eran Friedman, BC court documents reveal that while living a lavish lifestyle of $50,000 a month in expenses, Jody doesn't have the career to fund it, and she's in debt.

Last Thursday she was asked questions about her lifestyle by her husband's lawyer in divorce court. Jody revealed that she was in debt $148,000 and had monthly expenses totaling $50,000. She said her expenses primarily consisted of three properties; one in Whistler and the other two I'm guessing to be her food and clothing stores. She said she couldn’t borrow any more against her properties, and requested $100,000 to get her catering company, Jody’s Fine Foods, which started in 1992 and closed in 2005, operating again. Jody also told the court that she hadn't made any money this year.

Some other highlights from Jody's monthly spending includes:

  • $400 for transportation including public transportation (yup, Jody admitted to taking the bus)
  • $1,200 on charitable donations. One of which charities Jody said she "had" to support and would rather not eat than forego donations. Ironically an animal shelter. Maybe auction off your furs lovie?
  • $300 on clothing. This amount Jody said has been lower than what she would normally spend.
  • $600 on restaurant meals
  • $1,600 on a leased Cadillac for her daughter
  • $4,000 for life insurance premiums
  • $400 for cat supplies
  • $1,400 on lessons and costumes
In addition to working out financial woes, the question of a psychological assessment came up. Apparently there's questions of Jody being narcissistic and aggressive (shocker).

As for the Glass House, turns out it's actually Mia's store. The shop along with royalties from the Real Housewives were what Jody claimed as her primary source of income. A lawyer claimed the Glass House was making $50,000-$60,000. However Jody said none of the money was profit and that none of the employees were making money. She also admitted the store was not open regularly- maybe a reason it's not turning a profit.

Wednesday, June 18, 2014

Has Mary Zilba's Ex Moved On?

In season 2 of the Real Housewives of Vancouver, we witnessed Mary Zilba embark on a date with sleazy-looking entrepreneur Brett Wilson. The date consisted of him shamelessly self-promoting, but nevertheless the two seemed to hit it off and dated for some time before breaking up.

Now it looks as if Brett Wilson has moved onto Toronto blogger Lisa Charleyboy. She posted photos to her Instagram account of the two hanging out captioning one photo "I had the most handsome date last night for the #CCABYYC gala ..."

In another photo, the pair appear to be pretty close.

Lisa appears to be around 30 while Brett is 56. Defiantly Real Housewives material right there.