Sunday, June 29, 2014

PHOTO: Reiko Mackenzie's Ex's New Girlfriend

Former Real Housewives of Vancouver star Reiko Mackenzie's ex has moved on. Sun Mackenzie, who has been separated from Reiko for two years now, has been dating 20-something waitress named Ashley Bolton.

Following a string of nasty tweets from Reiko, Ashley deleted her twitter account. Seems Reiko's pretty bitter her ex has a girlfriend while she's still single. In the past few months, details of rocky relationships with both her ex-husband and girlfriend have come to light.

A story about Ashley and Sun was submitted to and I'd bet good money Reiko was the one who sent it. The post revealed some shocking insight into Reiko and Sun's relationship including that Sun is allegedly a drug dealer and sleeps with Reiko occasionally. Here's the whole post:

"Nik, Trashley has kept on the DL since she cancelled her social Media. She may think no one knows her game but we all do. Used to work at Cactus with Ashley Bolton aka Trashley. She acts all sweet to your face but will pretty much sleep with your brother, husband or anyone who is over 50 and appears to have money. She’s moved into a upscale hotel with her over the hill bf (Sun Mackenzie) former husband of Reiko Mackenzie. Oh and btw Trashley .. Sun still f$$ks Reiko from time to time.. It makes him feel better about giving the loot up to R. Sun is apparently beyond the law… Besides being a FT thug this guy clearly has some skeletons as he was aquitted of murder. Put these scandalous train wrecks on the blast."


  1. Reiko is one booted off show for lying about husband's past bigtime Surrey/Vancouver drug dealer, and changing his name to hide he was on trial for high profile drug kingpin murders in Vancouver, crown couldn't prove the case in court, but Police know him well.

  2. Thought Reiko had more class. Guess not

  3. Thought Reiko had more class. Guess not