Monday, June 18, 2012

The Real Jody and Mia?

Well what we all know is currently a hot and debated topic among RHOV fans- is Jody really rich and just how crazy is Mia? Well my research has wielded this:


  • confirmed to not be as rich as she says she is. As far as Vancouver wealth goes anyway
  • she's been driving the same Hummer since 2004 and shares it with Mia
  • she shares her "luxury" apartment with 5 other people
  • lies about having personal assistants
  • began her "charity" right before the RHOV began to earn some good credit. This one makes sense. She said somewhere she doesn't have charity status yet and how she pays for everything out of her own pockets, etc. To earn charity status there's a few months waiting period so that would explain why she isn't getting the charitable tax break
  • she's in debt


  • dates drug dealers and does hardcore drugs herself
  • frequently gets into physical fights around Vancouver
  • noted for sleeping around
  • has had plastic surgery work done including her nose and lips
  • does not have a place in London
  • doesn't work and hasn't even launched her website for her clothing line

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