RHOV Twitter Directory

The target demographic for the Real Housewives of Vancouver also happens to coincide with the average Twitter user- women ages 18-35 and gay men.

So if you're watching, you're probably tweeting. Here's a list of the must-follow accounts for fans of the Real Housewives of Vancouver:

Current Wives

Amanda Hansen
Ioulia Reynolds
Jody Claman
Mary Zilba
Robin Reichman
Ronnie Negus

Past Wives


Network Accounts


Information Sources


The Fan Accounts


Parody Accounts


Friends and Family of the Cast

If you think you should be on this list or want to mention someone who should, shoot me a message via my Contact page. My only request is that they are 1) RHOV related and 2) update fairly regularly. "Last tweeted July 6th" is not an example of recent.

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