Thursday, June 21, 2012

Season 1, Ep 13- Season Finale

I am so sad the Real Housewives of Vancouver is finished. Yeah, I know there'll be another season but it doesn't start filming till this summer and then there's a waiting period of editing and whatnot till my beloved show comes again. I hope to God they film more. Some of the other Housewives series have up to 23 episodes- 10 more than Vancouver. So fingers crossed! Also the reunion's on soon so I guess all is not lost. Anyway- RECAP!

Ronnie launched her wine!!! I like how she manages to launch her wine in a few months but Jody's been working on her cookbook for over a year and still nothing. But back to Ronnie. I LOVED the label. It's so cute.

Ronnie's wine label for Rehab
And how cute is Ronnie's husband Russell?!

Ronnie and Russell Negus
But not as cute as Jhordan's speech. Especially the part to Russell. "You're one of the best step-dads I've ever had." I actually laughed out loud at that one.

The event looked great and so did all the housewives. People were having a good time too and then Jody and Mia show up. What is wrong with these women?! Mia is literally just going up to people and saying bad stuff! And the thing she did to Darla where she stuck her fingers down her throat and made retching sounds was just embarrassing on her part. Then Ronnie goes over to ask her what's going on and she has the audacity to say Darla was causing the trouble. Well I'm not sure if Ronnie kicked them out but Jody and Mia made their way to leave and then out of nowhere Jody starts screaming that Reiko cheated on her husband and whatnot. Which she later denied!!! Like WHAT? Everybody heard you!

So the drama of course is escalated even further so the next day Ronnie organizes a lunch where everyone can sit down and air out their issues. Mary, Reiko and Christina expressed their doubts about coming. Mary flat out refused and Ronnie had to beg her to come. Jody of course was all game. And what is with her coat? Seriously. The last time long, white fur coats were cool was back in the 70's when PIMPs wore them with purple hats and drove around in Cadillacs.

Jody's PIMP coat

The lunch got out of hand pretty quickly. EVERYONE ganged up against. Jody. Even Ronnie! AND she apologized to Mary for not sticking up for her sooner. She kind of hung back while everyone called out Jody's bullshit and then at the end she told Jody that she had messed with the wrong person, how she would regret knowing her and then that she never wanted to speak to her again. Go Ronnie!

Jody's defences were completely weak. She never apologized and made several lies and whatnot. AND SHE STILL WEARS HER GLASSES! INSIDE!

Oh and the long anticipated truth about her Hermes bags? THEY'RE VINTAGE!!!! Which means: second-hand. Seriously, that woman is so dumb. Mary told her she and everyone else had heard Jody's stuff was second-hand and then Jody tells them that she gets her Hermes bags from a vintage shop in Paris. What an idiot. Her stuff is second-hand and then she goes and tries to sue Mary for telling everyone. I mean look at the photo of the group. Everyone looks just completely bored and fed up with her.

But it seems everyone is finally anti-Jody. Yay! I'm so happy with the finale. Hopefully the reunion's just as good! :)

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