Thursday, June 14, 2012

Season 1, Ep 12

Second last episode of the season!

Looks like Reiko's going into business! She and her trainer are looking into partnering for his third Dojang location. The space they found was nice. I imagine they'll do quite well.

Christina and Mary went to a bar that also offers painting. They painted pictures of donkeys and Jody. The paintings were cute.
Mary's painting of Jody and Mia.
Christina's donkey

Mia launched her clothing line M.I.A.I can't say I liked her event. I think she should have just gotten a larger space to have a real runway in. The venue she had was too crowded. How was anyone supposed to move around? Also I think we can say she's defiantly the kind of person who needs makeup. Like really:

Also what was up with her friend? I get that you want to be fashion forward but, er, not your best:

Mary's event was better. She hosted a charity event for tubular sclerosis so she managed to get the restaurant space donated. The agreement though was that the owner, Peter Something, got to screen the guest list. Mary was happy because she knows that Mia isn't allowed at his restaurants. Apparently she threw a wine bottle at someone a few years ago at another restaurant. Not surprising. 

Despite their differences, Mary invited Jody who showed up hella late. Like what? Don't people show up on time anymore? They tried to intimidate her I guess by standing right in her line of sight during her preformance but she did a great job. How gorgeous did she look?

Also how bored did everyone look just before she got onstage? Haha

In the end Jody and Mia were spotted and kicked out. Jody was shocked and everyone else seemed pretty happy. The preview for next episode looks promising!!! It looks like Jody's downfall will be coming. Can't wait! Sadly it'll be the last for the season. Then a really long wait till season 2. :(

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