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  1. Is Jody a daughter of Phyllis Diller? Looks and sounds just like her!

  2. Jody is a mean, ugly person and so is her daughter. Jodys chlothes is a pain to look at and i will never see a person in Oslo Norway who would dress like that. She is a lying backstabing old hag. I love Loulia`s way of being honest, but she is a europien like me and we are much more outspoken Robin, Joulia and Mary are the only ones who are normal and i love Mary Zilba for her integrety and feel sorry for her being backstaing by Ronnie and Jody. Ronnie is fake and Amanda are truly ugly and suck up for all the others, exept Mary. This is a really childish show With a gang of useless women. Sad to see grown women degrade themselves to that low level. Who do you really think you are?