Monday, June 18, 2012

The Truth (?) About Jody's Store

Apparently everything really is fake. Christina clarified that Hermes only sells their products to Hermes stores yet Jody claims to have and sell Hermes bags. So are they fake or second-hand? Fake apparently. A commenter about a posts on the Clamans revealed this:

"Yes it is fake. It comes from China. They are pretty good knock offs but if you want the real thing…buy it from a real store. Go to Gucci, Hermes, LV….don’t go to some small store in West Vancouver that sells second hand goods... The MIA line is all from China. It’s cheap mass quantity stuff that they pay an extra 4cents to get a MIA label tacked on to it."

If her store really was legit, she would likely have something in the window saying "Licensed (insert brand) retailer". You can always call the brand and check if she is in fact licensed. I highly doubt it though.

Oh Jody.


  1. "Also the MIA line of Jody's is all bought from Blaque Label in the US. Mia didnt design anything. They just put their tags on it. " as told by Reiko on Twitter.

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  3. Yes, that´s true !!!

    The MIA line that was debuted at the Glass House fashion show is not real, it wasn´t designed by Mia or Jody Claman. They bought the Holiday 2011 collection of the brand "Blaque Label", ripped out the tags and sewed their MIA label into the garments.

    Here is the proof: (July 8 entry)

    Fotos from the MIA show (all "Blaque Label" designs):

    That is FRAUD !!!
    Innocent customers are being defrauded in the Glass House!
    Innocent customers who believe they are buying a design by MIA, presumably even for much higher prices than the original "Blaque Label" designs (that you can get for around 130 $).

    These are some examples:
    (orange maxi dress)
    (pink feather dress)
    (white+black lace dress)

    How can anyone be so stupid !!!???!!!
    Do they actually think they won´t be found out? LOL
    Even one of the other Housewives – Melissa Gorga from RHONJ – wore one of the “Blaque Label” dresses that the Clamans claimed as their own MIA design... Look here:

  4. Have you met her in person???? Well I have and she is one of the most gracious and loveliest woman I have ever met. Mia is just as beautiful as her mother. People should never go by hear say. Get to know a person before you judge. Jody and Mia, Alex and I really enjoyed meeting you. I look forward to another visit soon. xo Love Jacquie