Monday, June 18, 2012

Christina's Past

Well I found this comment about real housewife Christina Kiesel. It could be false but it seems she's had a less than glamorous past. She's still my favourite but have a look:

"Christina Kiesel – from Surrey which is worse than Merrit– she attended Guildford Work and Learn (school for the drop outs, the whores, and the generally lazy and useless) – she has and always will be into drugs, huge amounts of Pepsi and is always cracked out – she was a stripper at 17 at the Paramount & Brandys – then she was an escort gross- she met David Aiesenstat because she was a working girl/stripper/escort/whore ABOVE THE KEG (at Brandi’s) Sorry – oops SO sorry – I mean while she was studying up on digging for gold in Vancouver. IF YOU HAVE A PAST – do not go on reality TV – right?! WHO BEHAVES THAT WAY!

OH and she is NOT the age she says! She is over 40′ I went to school with her! But she knows enough shady folks who can change that for her!"

I also found this:

Also men be careful, as Christina will blackmail her clients if they won’t help her financially.

Later Edit:
I got some new info on the wives and apparently this claim is false. Read new info here.

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