Thursday, June 28, 2012

Season 1 Reunion, Part 1

Well a recap for this is obvious: five housewives sitting on a couch yell at each other. So here's a list of stuff we learned about each wifey:

Christina Kiesel
  • still gorgeous
  • both her exes are Jewish and watch the show. They like it
  • she really is 30. The rumors about her being older were started by herself. She has older friends so she lied about her age growing up to get into bars
  • did not sleep with Mia
  • well this is from the last episode but apperently she's not speaking to any of the other housewives. Not out of spite, just because.
Reiko Mackenzie
  • has launched her own song called "Unstoppable". I'm assuming that was the song in refernece during the interview. Listen to a preview of it here
Ronnie Negus
  • now on team Jody
  • fighting with Mary
  • used to have a Jewish husband (Jhordan's dad)
  • prone to panic attacks
Jody Claman
  • isn't a real Jew but she is Jewish. She converted although she tried to make it sound more legit by saying her mother had also converted. You're still not as Jewish as you could be.
  • still insisting that all the good in her store are brand new even though she admitted to them being second-hand/vintage
  • still rude and completition of elementry school is still in question
Also enjoy these gradual face expressions of host, Mike Bickerton, as the interviews progressed:

Mike Bickerton happy

Mike Bickerton skeptical

Mike Bickerton tired

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