Monday, June 18, 2012

More on the Real Jody

Well I think I hit a new low have a new favourite website in The Dirty. It gets worse for Miss Jody Claman. Looky what I found:

"Jody is a vulgar, disgusting, hypocritical liar. She has a dirty past, some of which I know not too be too distant. Without any detail as to protect the names of the guilty accomplices and innocent parties, she’s benefitted from smuggling, trafficking, extorted prominent men who’ve had an affair with her, sold large sums of hijacked merchandise, and worse which I will exclude. She may be a hard worker because she’s so utterly greedy, but she didn’t get started without ‘funding’ and didn’t maintain over the years without a questionable cash injection or two along the way. 

Her “self made” story is a weak alibi to anybody who knows her most guarded secrets, and is as contrived as every word that passes through her lips. The fact that she doesn’t have any of her multiple friends from the 80′s and 90′s by her side today speaks volumes. Friendship with Jody has been a revolving door since she came to Vancouver for very good reason. Several children each with a different dad. Sadly, your kids are a by product of your attempt to sleep your way to success. Speaking of which, why has she made a point of neglecting to mention her first husband? Her oldest daughter wasn’t immaculately conceived. Hmmmmm. Did you perhaps become better over time at faking legitimacy? 

It’s gratifying to know that some few people have enough on you to cause you more than a headache. But those of us with true class will continue to live our lives with the details of your secrets safely locked away. Now enjoy yourself darling, while you embarrass yourself to anybody who can see through your trash, which you’ve desperately tried to package as class."

Check out the comment thread on this post. They have some good dirt on the housewives.

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  1. I hate Jody - she's a disgusting example of a human being. What's it like to be an example of what not to be? Some people shouldn't pro-create - see Mia...