Tuesday, June 19, 2012

New Info on the Wives

Well I just got some information from a Vancouverite and he says there's some truth and some falsehoods to the lives and scandles of the Real Housewives of Vancouver. Here's some of the information I got:

  • Christina never was a prostitute. She marrid a wealthy guy at 19, then left him for someone even wealthier- David Aisenstat, owner of The Keg. Both men do quite well of more than likely Christina got a good divorcee settlement
  • Jody did not start her business with $800. She comes from a wealthy family and they supported her business ventures. But the bit about her and Mia causing trouble in Vancouver is true. They call themselves the "Claman Sisters". Also Mia is still a confirmed skank.
  • Mary has been married twice to men who made lots of money. The "venture capitalist" she referred to is her second husband.
  • Ronnie is rich in thanks to her third husband. Also she has 4 kids by 3 different men.
  • Reiko's husband, Sun News Lal, did have mob connections but that was before they were married. The mystery is where their current source of income comes from. Some say he comes from a wealthy family and others say he still has connection with the Indo-Canadian mob.

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