Tuesday, April 15, 2014

A List of Jody Claman's Husbands....So Far

Now that Jody is free and single to mingle following her recent divorce, who knows, maybe she'll reel in husband #4. Yup, she's been married thrice. Here's the list:

Husband #1: Michael Deakin

  • they were married quiet young. Around 21 I'm guessing
  • this is Mia's father. She was 4 when her parents divorced
  • of the marriage, Jody says she was young and it was a mistake
  • the marriage ended in 1990 with Michael filing

Husband #2: Robert Samways

Husband #3: Eran Friedlander

  • president of a mining company. Allegedly makes $213,000 a year
  • they divorced last year
  • he and Jody had Hannah together

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