Saturday, June 14, 2014

Jody Claman Denies Mia's Father From Seeing Her

Following her shooting this past Sunday, Mia Claman has been visited by a wealth of friends and family except for one- her father. Apparently her father Michael Deakin, a Calgary-based developer, has been banned from seeing Mia by her mother, Jody Claman.

On Monday morning, Michael Deakin got the call from his son that his daughter Mia had been injured in an alleged gang-related shooting. He tried calling the Vancouver Police Department and Vancouver General Hospital trying to get information on his daughter's condition. Neither would give him any information over the phone, so he flew out to Vancouver. There, he was denied seeing her.

He suspects Jody of having a hand in why he was not allowed to see her. The two apparently had a rocky relationship.

While he has been able to speak to Mia on the phone since, no word on whether or not he has been able to see her.

Apparently he has warned Mia and Jody about the people Mia associated herself with. He said he warned Jody several times about reeling Mia in. “I said ‘You’ve got your little girl there — she’s running with these guys. I’m not there. What are you going to do about it?’” Deakin said.

Michael Deakin has also met Mia's alleged boyfriend Jeffrey Chang. He said he appeared to be "a nice enough fellow".

He finished off saying he hopes Mia reconsiders her life choices following the incident, and decides to join him in Calgary where he has a house waiting for her.


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