Saturday, February 23, 2013

Recap: Season 2, Episode 3

Continuing from the previous night's drag party, Jody picks Mia up in her Hummer to get to work. Mia's still hungover and unfortunately lacks sympathy from Jody. After discussing the night's events, Jody says she felt empathy for Mary's "mental illness". How kind.

Hingover Mia Claman

Meanwhile, Mary decides to spend the day with her dog George. While inspecting some sunflowers, she receives a call telling her she got the singing job for Thunderbird Horse Park's Grand Prix event. Unfortunately Robin did not get the gig. Feeling guilty, MAry calls up Robin to invite her over and tell her.

Mary and George
Ioulia and Amanda are scheduled to model in a swimwear fashion show. Amanda has no trouble picking out a few bikinis. Ioulia on the other hand, self-admittedly shy, takes more time finding the right outfit. Amanda's not too happy about Ioulia's indecisiveness, but she cheers up at the fact that she's never walked a runway. Ioulia on the other hand, finds Amanda stiff.

Mary then invited Robin over to break the news to her about the horse show. It takes a while for Mary to spill the beans, and when she eventually does, Robin is of course devastated.

Back at Jody's house, Amanda and Ronnie are over to help bake chocolate cake for Jody's charity Larry's Lunch Bucket. The charity provides healthy, nutritious meals for the homeless. While stirring batter, Amanda talks about the bikini fitting she went to with Ioulia. She goes on to say that Ioulia uses older men to get what she wants which prompts Ronnie to call her a bitch. Amanda seemed shocked by that. She then went on to defend herself off-camera, and said that perhaps Ronnie should point the finger to herself.

Still hurt about being rejected by Thunderbird, Robin invites Ronnie over. Ronnie, perhaps regretting the invitation, hikes up a steep flight of stairs to get to Robin's house in heels no less. Once inside, Robin takes Ronnie to her backyard where a yummy looking feast is laid out. There Ronnie begins dabbing olive oil on her legs and hands, telling Robin that it's great for soft skin. Robin seems off-put by the beauty secret but plows ahead with her discontent over Thunderbird.  She tells Ronnie that she found out the version sent in was not a very good one. Ronnie thinks Mary purposely had Adam do a bad version of the American anthem to sabotage Robin's chance of singing at the horse show.

Meanwhile at Ioulia's, Amanda comes over to get a spray tan. While they wait, Amanda confronts Ioulia about her behavior at the bikini fitting. Ioulia laughs off the occasion to Amanda's annoyance. She then refuses to get spray-tanned saying she's not in the mood. Amanda however goes ahead with it. Afterwards  she asks Ioulia how she looks and receives "orange" as her answer. Off-camera Ioulia says she looked like a "Barbie dipped in orange juice".

Next up, victim #2 of Robin's steep stairs arrives- Mary. Also in high heels. Robin asked her over to listen to the record Adam produced that she thought was horrible. While listening to the record, Mary insists she doesn't hear anything out of the ordinary. Off-camera she says that perhaps Robin is insecure and that she should grow some thicker skin. 

Ioulia takes her to stepsons, Chris and Harry for drinks. She says she loves being a stepmom to older kids because she can take them out to drink instead of taking care of them.

Next day is the bikini event. While prepping at a salon, Amanda seems upset over the attention Ioulia is getting. The tension seems to flare down a bit when Amanda's boyfriend Kyle shows up. However, when Amanda sees Ioulia in a bikini she was meant to wear, she's not happy. But once the show began, everything settled out. Ioulia looked great, but seemed nervous. Amanda rocked the show. She was confident and energetic.

After the show, the ladies get together for dinner. While discussing the fashion show, Amanda brings up that Ioulia wore the bikini she was meant to wear. The before you know it, Amanda and Ronnie are calling each other out on all sorts of different stuff. Upset, Amanda leaves to call Kyle. Back in the restaurant, Ronnie expresses her disdain towards Amanda's behavior. When Amanda goes back in, Ronnie asks Jody what she think of what Amanda said. Jody defends Amanda which upsets Ronnie. Eventually Ronnie leaves, taking Mary and Ronnie with her.

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