Monday, February 18, 2013

Drag Queens and Drama Queens

Unlike the season premiere, this weeks episode went right back to the excitement that we all know and love…or secretly love.

This episode started off with Robin going out for lunch with Mary, and then taking Ronnie to one of her favorite horse shops. Good for her that she is not taking sides, between the two because of their history. Since she is one of the newbies I can imagine that it must be challenging to just jump right in to a reality show where so much of your life is exposed and people are judging your personality. Robin took it upon herself to try to “forgo” the drama that has not stopped since last season, and is giving each ‘wive a fair chance. When Robin asks Mary (who has had 7 top 40 hits in Canada and has a current hit on the radio) about auditioning to sing for an event, Mary seems a little unsure provided already being an established singer. However, in the recording studio they made it look like Robin vocals did not impress Mary, or her dog. Yet it was just done for editing purposes which I believe is unfair. Mary has since taken upon herself stating in interviews and on social media that Robin is actually a very good singer and is very proud of her.

Next up, Amanda! Favorite lines of the night: “Do you know why Mommy likes grape favor so much? Because it tastes like wine” and “This will be you in college bottling beer from a keg” (in which her son laughs hysterically) ….side note : I’m not sure if it is because its 2013 now or what, but I had no idea what that meant when I was his age! Amanda continued saying “I think Momma did that a few times, it wasn’t good” and her daughter’s reaction was a strange look. Although this might not be the norm in every household, it is nice that she is so open with her kids. I’m not agreeing or disagreeing with what she said, I’m just looking at the big picture, and I can totally see her as being a mom that her kids will feel comfortable going to with their problems and having a healthy relationship with. I feel like this scene might have been edited to look negative, but Amanda is a very good mom. When Jody arrives to try the drink Amanda (slightly nervous) says in an interview “That’s what you want right?  Jody to love it, you” –which indicates to the viewers, you don’t want to be on Jody’s bad side… lol

Jody brings up the bbq from last weeks episode and Amanda says it is not really her crowd…I’m not really sure what she means by that. It was a gathering to give thanks for all that helped Ronnie’s daughter when she had a health scare. They then brought up Ioulia, saying she reminds them of a Russian spy and not quite Amanda’s cup of tea…hmmm maybe not the best thing to saywe all know how things “somehow” get turned around…potential for future drama based from what was said during this conversation…I think so! However, that’s didn’t happen…at least not yet anyways. The girls met for coffee and became friends.

Love Ioulia and her stepsons! Apparently if you’re going to have stepsons, those are the ones you want! (Her words not mine) followed by “They already old, they take care of themselves and they can drink with me” Sounds like fun!

So back tracking a little to Ronnie and Robin at the store, I admire Ronnie for discussing with Robin, that the bbq might have been uncomfortable for some of the other ladies, but appreciated that she came and was able to meet the other wives in a neutral environment. Ronnie gave Robin a brief indication has to her feelings are with Jody and Mary, but doesn’t try to push them on her. However, it is really hard to see Ronnie talk about her history with Mary, it is upsetting I’m sure because they have known each other for over 17 years, and have had their ups and downs, but hard that they really aren’t seeing eye to eye as of lately. This is something that we all can relate to, it’s hard loosing a friend that you care a lot about. Ronnie says she is a forgiving person, and I believe her. I’m sure people that are new to watching the show don’t understand what happened last year, so the would be very tempted to be quick to judge and take sides. 

Over at Ronnie’s house we see her sitting down with her two youngest daughters for dinner. She pays extra close attention to make sure that Remy doesn’t come near choking again, she tells her to take all the time she needs to chew and that she’ll sit there with her until she’s done. Such a sad scene, but she is such a brave woman and I can’t even begin to imagine how hard it must be everyday to worry at meal times. It is really unfortunate that really the only chance that we get to see the kind loving “Mommy-Ronnie” is when she is with Remy. However, I feel that this really gives an inside look as to what Ronnie has to cope with, and shows viewers that there really is “good” in these woman and not just wealthy, materialistic drama queens, like some people have said who have judged the show.

Be sure to tune in tomorrow Tuesday February 19, 2013 at 10pm only on Slice!

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