Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Ronnie Negus Stars in Music Video

Ronnie Negus in Hey Bomshell's music video

Real Housewives of Vancouver star, Ronnie Negus, has been in a music video for a band called Hey Bombshell. The video, titled "#BFF" features Negus as a hot teacher who flaunts her stuff in the classroom. Check it out:

Negus was approach by Adam H. (the same one form the show that helped Mary record her song "Hero") to do the video. She was hesitant but went through with it at the last minute. Her son Jhordan also made an appearance in the video as the football player.

The band, Hey Bombshell, hails from Calgary, Alberta and has been together since 2010. Check out their website here

The members of Hey Bombshell


  1. Yup that's how all good Christian portray themselves.

  2. Totally cute video!