Friday, February 1, 2013

Was Ronnie and Mary's Fight Staged?

A trip into the nitty-gritty of the Internet (forums) has revealed that the fight between Ronnie and Mary at the car show may have been staged. Looking it over, anyone who knows women and has taken at least an introduction course to film editing shows that may be true.

Evidence #1: Mary and Ronnie Sat Next to Each Other

Not once in the histroy of woman-kind has two fighting women with a choice sat next to each other. Yet at Reiko's runway gig, Ronnie and Mary were in fact side by side. Had they really been fighting, they could have switched seats with Jody or Christina.

Evidence #2: False Lip Reading?

The part where Ronnie turns to Jody and allegedly whispers "Mary better not say a word..." could not have been picked up by their mics. They're too far out of range for what they said to have been picked up. For all we know, it could have been a comment about the weather. The picture below shows Jody and Ronnie's mics in red. Jody's is too far from her ear and Ronnie has her head turned away from hers. How would production have known what they said, and it's doubtful either housewife remembered.

Evidence #3: Sightings of Ronnie and Mary Together

A few people have written in various blogs and forums about seeing Ronnie and Mary walk together at the car show. But good editing could have made it seem as if they were avoiding each other.  Would two women who dislike each other hang out?

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