Sunday, June 29, 2014

It's Officially: Jody Claman's Broke

Since season one of the Real Housewives of Vancouver, we've speculated that Jody's life story was a tall tale. The $40,000 a day muffin business, real Birkins, private jet, etc. But now we have proof!

In the midst of her divorce from Eran Friedman, BC court documents reveal that while living a lavish lifestyle of $50,000 a month in expenses, Jody doesn't have the career to fund it, and she's in debt.

Last Thursday she was asked questions about her lifestyle by her husband's lawyer in divorce court. Jody revealed that she was in debt $148,000 and had monthly expenses totaling $50,000. She said her expenses primarily consisted of three properties; one in Whistler and the other two I'm guessing to be her food and clothing stores. She said she couldn’t borrow any more against her properties, and requested $100,000 to get her catering company, Jody’s Fine Foods, which started in 1992 and closed in 2005, operating again. Jody also told the court that she hadn't made any money this year.

Some other highlights from Jody's monthly spending includes:

  • $400 for transportation including public transportation (yup, Jody admitted to taking the bus)
  • $1,200 on charitable donations. One of which charities Jody said she "had" to support and would rather not eat than forego donations. Ironically an animal shelter. Maybe auction off your furs lovie?
  • $300 on clothing. This amount Jody said has been lower than what she would normally spend.
  • $600 on restaurant meals
  • $1,600 on a leased Cadillac for her daughter
  • $4,000 for life insurance premiums
  • $400 for cat supplies
  • $1,400 on lessons and costumes
In addition to working out financial woes, the question of a psychological assessment came up. Apparently there's questions of Jody being narcissistic and aggressive (shocker).

As for the Glass House, turns out it's actually Mia's store. The shop along with royalties from the Real Housewives were what Jody claimed as her primary source of income. A lawyer claimed the Glass House was making $50,000-$60,000. However Jody said none of the money was profit and that none of the employees were making money. She also admitted the store was not open regularly- maybe a reason it's not turning a profit.


  1. love Jody - xoxooxox its upsetting to read this - wishing you and your children all the best xoxo

    1. How can you love such a vile human being?? Not to mention a bully. Serves her right for this to happen..

  2. You reao what you sow, so vile on the show, she single handedly destroyed the show causing it's permanent cancelation - she also cost the other rhiv girls their future pay checks!!!

  3. She deserves all the bad karma she gets. When you're totally classless Like her then ha ha for you.

  4. She deserves all the bad karma she gets. When you're totally classless Like her then ha ha for you.

  5. She deserves everything she gets she and her daughter are nothing but bullies. God does not sleep