Thursday, October 25, 2012

Rumor Patrol

New wife, Lisa Marie Blair, with the cast ;)

Usually I answer my questions one-on-one but I'm getting the same ones again and again so here's a list of FAQ for you kids.

Q: Is the Real Housewives of Vancouver coming back?
A: Aren't you reading this blog? Yes! Come find out more here.

Q: When's the Real Housewives coming back?
A: Spring of 2013. February or March most likely. Filming has been wrapped up and is now in post-production.

Q: "I heard someone got married. Can you verify?"
A: I've heard Christina was married, I've also heard she's still in the engagement stage. Regardless, the consensus does seem to agree that Ms. Kiesel is somewhere en route to the married life.

Q: Who is coming back? Any new housewives?
A: Mary, Ronnie and Jody are confirmed. Reiko has apparently been sighted filming with the girls although some say she wasn't coming back. Christina I don't think agreed to come back. But there is new hosuewives joining the cast

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