Monday, October 22, 2012

Fake It Till You Make It: Twitter Style

Recently, the housewives have been flinging rumours about who buys their followers. Luckily, technology is wonderful and a simple investigations turns up proof. So who has the the most fake followers?

Jody! I wonder if she keeps them next to her Birkins (sorry, I had to). 

Reiko has the highest percentage of good followers and Mary the lowest. But in terms of fake followers, Jody has the highest and Reiko the lowest. 

Keep in mind that just because they have fake followers, does not mean they buy them. They could simply just be spam accounts. Celebrities have higher fake follower rates because of their popularity. Obama's rate of fake followers is 30%. I myself have 8% fake followers (and 36% inactive, and 56% good followers, thanks for asking).

The most funny thing about it is that the one who was heavily insisting that Mary had fake followers is part of the fandom with the highest rate of fake followers.

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