Monday, October 29, 2012

5 Questions With @RonnieNegusFans

Do you love Ronnie Negus? Probably not as much as this guy.

Here we chat with the figure behind the fan page for Real Housewives of Vancouver star, Ronnie Negus aptly titled @RonnieNegusFans.

Not only is he followed by Ronnie, she also sent him a bottle of her Rehab wine! See, hard work does pay off. ;)


1) Tell our readers a little more about yourself. 

Hi, Sergio here from San Diego CA, I'm a huge Ronnie Fan.

2) Why did you decide to start a Twitter fan page?

I felt like Ronnie needed a fan page, someone of her caliber definitely deserves a spot light. I was excited to be her only Fan page, also the only Vancouver housewives fan pages still running off season with the most followers. We love Ronnie!

3) Why is Ronnie your favourite?

I like the person she is, She definitely stood out as shes an amazing mother, Genuine person. She's beautiful inside and out. She knows how to have a good time and still keep it classy. She don't take bull crap from anyone!

4) How did you end up watching the RHOV?

It was accidentally, I was surfing YouTube videos and came across the first episode. That same day i watched all episodes which caught me up with the rest of the season. That same day I made @RonnieNegusFans

5)  Any other housewives you like?

I like them all

Be sure to follow Sergio's twitter page @RonnieNegusFans and of course, its namesake @RonnieNegus!

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