Wednesday, October 31, 2012

5 Questions With iRealHousewive's Carlos

If you're a fan of the fur fabulous, you have to follow @iRealHousewives. Day and night, he blogs about every and anything to do with every Real Housewives series. Just a week of following and you're guaranteed to know what every housewife of every city is up to.


1) Tell our readers a little more about yourself.

My name is Carlos, I reside in Palm Springs, California. Im in my late 20's, to know more about me go to my blog page (here).

2) How did you end up starting iRealHousewives

I ended up creating my iRealHousewives page by an accident. My personal twitter account got hacked and since I'm such a twitter addict I created a separated account while my other page got fixed. Once my personal page got fixed I decided to keep my new twitter page so I changed it to iRealHousewives and since then I haven't stopped tweeting.

3) Which Real Housewives is your favourite?

That's a tough question to answer since each city brings its own style and drama very differently. However the RHOC were the first that paved the way and many other cities were created thanks to their success which is why they have a special place in my heart! However RHOV is by far my favorite new city!!

4) Which housewife is your favourite?

I don't have one; I love them all for different reasons.

5) Why the Real Housewives? Why not the Bachelorette? 

 I find the Bachelorette very boring in my opinion. We all know they never end up who ever they picked and the show doesn't even interest me not even a bit! I rather see rich ladies go at it, is by far more entertaining. They bring it every time and I enjoy watching it, what can I say, I'm Real Housewives fanatic and proud of it!


Be sure to read Carlos' blog on iRealHousewives and follow him on Twitter @iRealHousewives!

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  1. Thanks for the opportunity sweetie. xox
    Carlos from iRealHousewives