Sunday, August 5, 2012

Jody Claman Lawsuit Follow-Up

Remember the dramatic scene on the Real Housewives reunion where Jody Claman sued/served Christina Kiesel, Reiko Mackenzie and Mary Zilba? I don't know if the papers hold any weight but they were written up by a real estate lawyer. Hm. Guess you can't get a civil lawyer when you yourself aren't civil. Haha, get it??

Also fro what I've heard, no one went to court, and cease and disists are basically just pieces of paper tell you to shutup. Not an actual lawsuit. So why bother?


  1. Its irresponsible of the show to have people like Jody Claman in the public eye - she is vile and such a terrible example to young ladies watching the show who think it is okay to be mean to others. Do you ever see her debasing the stronger members of the cast - no - because she is a coward. Thats what bullies are!

  2. The GlassHouse FB page posted about some studded boots with a UNI QLO logo in the add. UNI QLO is a Japanese company that has products, made in China, catering to university students/frugal people. High-end, huh?!
    The YELP page says they accept credit cards. Hmmmm...didn`t she tell viewers in the reunion show that they DIDN`T accept credit cards? And, um, this savy business person can`t discern the meaning of MERCHANT fee on a credit card transaction? It`s not called a CUSTOMER fee.
    Her behaviour on the show will be her downfall. The Martha Stewart
    wannabe has underestimated the intelligence and integrity of RHOV viewers.
    She reminds me of a trannie.