Monday, August 6, 2012

Backlash For Bickerton

Seriously, did any one like Mike Bickerton? I feel like he didn't do a good job hosting the Real Housewives of Vancouver. And everyone on Twitter, Tumblr and the forums seems to agree. There's a poll up to your right. Vote and we'll see what we thought. But here's some of my thoughts:

  • seemed disengaged 
  • acted as more of a commentator than a host. Andy Cohen (the host for all the American RH reunions) really gets into things. Bickerton was kinda just like "ohh" and "that's nice. So how are you?"
  • was kind of a drag to listen to. RuPaul's my ideal host (seriously, can you imaging that reunion show?) but since he's out walking the catwalks I figure Slice would get someone with a little more energy. He looked like he was riding the bus on Valium 
The Real Housewives of Vancouver is one of the very few decent shows Canada's produced. I think it could do well in the US but they need a stronger host for their reunion. Not some second-rate wanna-be tv reporter. They should get the guy from Dragon's Den to do it. 

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