Sunday, April 13, 2014

Did Robin Lie About Being an Equestrian?

It's hard to get away with much in the public eye, and lying about your hobbies is no exception. Apparently Robin Reichman is not in fact the crazy horse-girl she makes herself out to be.

According to this website, there's too many loopholes in Robin's story for it to make sense.

Giggy is not in fact a jumper as Robin stated. He's a dressage horse and there's a registry to prove it.

She also does not own a Prada saddle as she stated in her bio as Prada does not make equestrian tack.

Her horse is allegedly also not worth the $200,000 she claimed he was.

For more info on why her story doesn't add up, and more lies she told click here to get the full scoop.

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