Tuesday, October 1, 2013

Was Jody's Behaviour Why Eran Friedland Divorced Her?

Jody Claman and Eran Friedland
It's no secret the Real Housewives of Vancouver's Jody Claman has a big personality, but is it also the reason she is getting divorced? Earlier this month on September 15th, Jody's husband, mining company president Eran Friedland, filed for divorce.

Allegedly, Eran was becoming more and more embarrassed of Jody. He was supposed to be a part of season one, but after seeing clips of the show, and how erratic Jody was behaving, he backed out. And since he hadn't signed a contract yet, the show was forced to cut his scenes.

Jody has quite a history of odd behavior. Not just on the show, but in and around Vancouver. British Columbia court records show she was sued various people and companies 16 times. And members of an elite sports club in the Vancouver area which Jody is a member of, say she is often loud, obnoxious, and wear her sunglasses indoors even in the winter.

Her daughter Mia could also be a source of tension in the Claman-Friedland household. Mia also indulges in the same behavior at the sports club as her mother, and has a bad reputation around Vancouver for excessive partying, drug abuse, and promiscuity.

Jody's daughter, Mia Claman


  1. before he leaves her he gets her help that she needs. slice had no rights allowing a mental ill woman to be aired the way she rants and haves extreme highs and bad lows its clear she has bi - polor. due to their bad judgement they allowed mary to indure this abuse from a woman who needs help. shame on them.

  2. what a vile piece of garbage jody is and that goes for her daughter also i am a brit watching the show in the uk and are appalled at their behaviour i hope that this is not represintive of canada fellow cadadians must be embaressed and appalled

  3. One vile woman, so disgusting, gangs should have shot her instead of Mia and dine us all a favour - now she is trying to play off rhov was all fake and she was just 'acting' guess filing frivolous lawsuit is just acting also?

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