Thursday, October 3, 2013

Cars, Not Charity

Reiko Mackenzie and her Ferrari- valued at $350,000
All of season 1's cast of the Real Housewives of Vancouver champion some cause. Jody feeds the homeless, Ronnie's a big supporter of the BC Children's Hospital, Mary has tuberculosis, even Christina does something for third world countries. The entire show, and after following her on Twitter for two years, I have never heard anything about Reiko donating to, or volunteering with a charitable organization. Instead, she now is up to 4 Ferraris, in addition to whatever she had from season 1, and also recently asked on Twitter if she should get a new Porsche or Land Rover for winter.

After doing some research, I compiled a list of things Reiko could have bought instead of getting one Ferrari Enzo (she has 2):

  • school supplies for 43,333 children in Africa
  • 2,166 cows to supply families with milk and a source of income
  • 65,000 blankets for children without
  • 13,000 emergency food baskets to feed people during a famine, drought, or natural disaster
  • provided 2,363 communities with clean drinking water
  • provide 325 medical clinics with supplies
  • sent 41 students to Harvard
  • sent 163 students to most Canadian universities

I wonder if her one-dimensional personality if why she wasn't asked back. I wouldn't knock anyone for living a good life, but if you can't give back, or just blindly buy up as much as you can without giving others a thought, who want to see you on tv. We all give Jody heck for who she is, but even she makes an effort to use her wealth and social status to help others. Come on Reiko.

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  1. That would be true if she actually owned a Enzo, which she doesn't, apart from getting kicked off the show, she is lucky her ex's criminal gangster past didn't come back to bite her, getting even by shooting your enemies partner/wife is common in Vancouver