Friday, October 4, 2013

Jody Claman Sues a Fan Page on Twitter

It's no secret the Real Housewives of Vancouver's Jody Claman loves to sue- she's sued or been sued 16 times. But yesterday she took it to a new level when she informed a Twitter page she would have her lawyers, Davis and Co, be contacting them. The Twitter account, called @amandahansenfan, is owned by an unknown person, and the only thing we seem to know about them is that they're a fan of season 2 wife, Amanda Hansen.

According to Jody's tweet, the account was making accusations that weren't true. The account has since been suspended so I cannot see what their last tweets were. My guess is it was about Hannah Claman's- Jody's daughter- real parents. Last year, rumors circulated that Hannah was really Mia Claman's- Jody's oldest daughter- child. Since Jody's husband filed for divorce recently, a number of people have been asking if the Clamans would come forth with who her "real parents" were. The reality star has repeatedly stated that Hannah is her biological daughter, although some argue that she is too old to have such a young daughter (Jody's in her early 50's, Hannah's about 5 or 6).

If Jody can actually sue someone on Twitter is something I'm confused over. To send someone papers, you'd need to know their name and address. Twitter asks for neither upon sign up so we'll have to see how @amandahansenfan got served.

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