Saturday, October 5, 2013

Is Season 3 of the Real Housewives of Vancouver Being Filmed?

Now before you go losing your pants, I want to make clear that nothing is official, I just heard an interesting bit of information that is certainly eye-brow raising.

Allegedly, Mary Zilba, Ronnie Negus, Jody Claman, and Mashiah Vaughn (you saw her a few times on season 2) are all going to be the UK together. Ronnie is already there, Mary tweeted a fan that she would soon be going, Mashiah has London listed as one of her frequented destinations, and I can't tell if/when Jody's going because she blocked me on Twitter for a defamatory comment. What makes this interesting is that according to a tweet by Ronnie, Mary and Mashiah had a falling out. And I don't think I need to explain why Mary and Jody going is odd. Why would 4 women- three of whom don't like each other- be going to the UK together at the same time?

Mary and Mashiah
Furthermore, Mashiah's Twitter page is down. I wonder if it's to kinda keep her out of the picture until they announce season 3 something happens. I know from post-season 1, a lot of tidbits and clues about what to expect for season 2 were dropped on Twitter by various housewives. Maybe they're keeping a tighter wrap on things.

Also, with countries like Australia, the UK, and Sweden watching the show in large numbers, I wouldn't be surprised if whoever's in charge of the show started getting their act together and realized the demand for another season of the Real Housewives of Vancouver is growing. And don't forget- the show is filmed in the late summer and early autumn which is HAPPENING RIGHT NOW.

OMG the more I type this out, the more I think that this could actually be happening. I really hope so. I miss tweeting mean things to Jody on Tuesday nights.

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