Wednesday, March 6, 2013

Recap: Season 2, Episode 5

This season's getting intense! This week's episode saw Mary become more excluded from the group. Will she become this season's villain or victim?

Top 5 moments from last night's episode:

  1. Dinner Drama: the episode pick's up from last week's at Amanda's party. Mary gets a call from her friend Mashiah. Mary thought she heard that her friend's child had gotten their foot run over. Watching Mary on the call, she seemed a little over-dramatic. Concerned, Ioulia, who is also a friend, calls Mashiah to find out what happened. Turns out no one's foot was run over. 20 minutes later, Mary gets a call about a party her kids were throwing that was getting rowdy. Concerned, she leaves. Then on a trip to the washroom, Ronnie spotted her sitting and drinking at another table. Shocked, she returns to Amanda's party where the girls discuss Mary's lie. 
  2. Mary's Defence: to straighten out the previous night's lies and misinterpretations, Robin pays Mary a visit. Mary continues to insist that she really thought Mashiah's kid's foot was run over, and that her children really did have a rowdy party. It just wasn't convincing and Robin saw right through it. She seemed a little frustrated that Mary wouldn't just admit she made up a white lie to leave the party. 
  3. Ioulia's Art Party: Ioulia threw an art party which all attended but Mary, who was shooting a video for her song "Hero". It looked like a good time everyone was in a good mood, there was plenty of food and wine going around. Then Ioulia had a male model enter the room for the girls to draw. After a few poses, he changed his briefs for a sock which gave the wives quite a giggle. 
  4. Judge Jody: Jody invited her daughter Mia over to share some exciting news. She was selected to be a judge on Top Chef Canada, and wanted Mia to fly out with her to Toronto. Exciting!
  5. Thunderbird Horse Park: the day finally came where Mary and Robin sang at TBH. Both did outstandingly. The event was a little over-hyped. They kept calling the event a Grand Prix. In the sport of horseback riding, Grand Prix is a level of competition, not an actual event name. And I recognized  Amy Miller competing- not at all a top Canadian rider by any means. So Grand Prix, yes, best of Canadian riders- meh. Regardless, it seemed like everyone had a good time. Over lunch and the competition, Jody shared her news and invited everyone but Mary, to come along with her to Toronto for the Top Chef Canada competition. 

Ioulia's warning sign for her art party

Dave, the nude model from Ioulia's party

A friend, Robin, Mary and Mashia arriving at Thunderbird


  1. I was walking by Jody's shop yesterday and in addition to the graffiti there was a closure order posted on the door from Vancouver Coastal Health for food violations. I took a picture.

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