Saturday, February 9, 2013

Was Ioulia Reynolds a Stripper? Doubtful.

Ioulia Reynolds of the Real Housewives of Vancouver

Rumour's have been circulating that Real housewives of Vancouver star, Ioulia Reynolds, was a stripper after this blog made a post claiming she was. It says she worked at Vancouver strip clubs such as The Royal Drake and Uranus. It also alleges that her name is actually Julia. 

However, she wouldn't need to work as a stripper. She's been married to a wealthy venture capitalist for 5 or 6 years. And they probably dated for at least a year which puts her at 18 or 19 before she met her husband. The legal age to start working at a Canadian strip club is 19, so it's doubtful she went down that road.

Also Ioulia is a form of Julia, usually found in eastern European countries. Julia is something of a western version of the name. So since she did come from Russia, it's unlikely she's lied about her name. Besides, if she had, why pick something so close to your original one?


  1. Amanda used to be a stripper too. Ask her what she did back in Ontario.

  2. Amanda a stripper. Where in Ontario?

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