Sunday, February 10, 2013

New Faces & Old Wounds

Its finally here! The long anticipated Season 2 of The Real Housewives of Vancouver aired February 5th! 

This episode started and ended off as a real tearjerker. It mostly focused on the roller-coaster whirlwind of a year that Ronnie Negus and her family has gone through since we last saw her. When people go through rough situations such as these, they tend to close up, Ronnie did the complete opposite, she let the audience into her personal life by sharing how she almost lost her daughter Remington. Ronnie mentions that her daughter has taught her so much about life and has a new outlook. She invited all those that prayed for her daughter and helped save her life (and the 3 new housewives) to her beautiful Oceanside home for a BBQ. Remy herself, thanked everyone and was very social ---I love how polite and outgoing she is, I want to be her friend!

When Remy and Ronnie are thanking everyone that was there for them, sweet Remy asked Mary Zilba to sing for her. At first, Mary was hesitant at first but couldn’t resist Remy saying something along the lines of “Please you’re my Godmom” ---insert tears and us all saying awwww---. Mary looked right into Remingtons eyes has she sang to her latest hit song “Hero” which was meant for people who have over come tough battles in life.

We ended last season with Ronnie stating that she never wishes to speak to Jody Claman again. However, Jody was there for her and helped her though her tough time. We all know about her store “The Glass House”, and her love for fashion and cooking. Materialistic things aside, it was a nice change to hear that she was there for Ronnie, and helped her though it. With the drama that is often highlighted between her and Mary, this episode, we were finally able to see the kind loving side of her… just wish it wasn’t under such crummy circumstances.

Jodys daughter Mia asks her to have a meeting with her friend Amanda Hansenfor some business advice. At first I was a little skeptical as was Jody that they might have gotten off on the wrong foot, yet when Amanda opened up about her struggles with sobriety Jody comforted her and was very supportive of her progress. Again, another example of a softer side of Jody!

Loved seeing each of the ladies more caring moments, good balance from all the drama and nice for us to see their true selves. This episode stood out to me for that reason, because it was based on celebrating Remingtons life. Good environment. However, something tells me this kind and politeness wont keep up for long!

Be sure to check out episode 2 this Tuesday February 12 at 10pm only on Slice!

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