Monday, July 23, 2012

M.I.A Controversy with Sandra Claman

Hopefully you've heard the conundrum with Jody and Mia Claman's line M.I.A. No? Read here.

Now Jody's sister, Sandra, has stepped into the ring in their defence.

Her arguments:

My questions:

  • why are you stating that it's foreign made goods as if it's an accomplishment? Paying your workers 10 cents a day isn't anything to brag about. Jody calls herself a humanitarian yet thinks this is acceptable? No.
  • they (Jody and Mia) did deny their stuff being fraud
  • remember that moment in RHOV when Jody went on about how Mia did all the work for M.I.A including DESIGNING it? So...that was false I guess. 
Thanks Sandy! Now we know that Jody and Mia can get even worse. :)

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