Thursday, July 26, 2012

Final Verdict on Jody and Mia's Line

I was going to include some of Jody and Mia's tweets defending their Blaque Label collaboration but they were all deleted. ANWAY...

So the "Is M.I.A original?" question's come up. Originally on the Real Housewives of Vancouver, Jody and Mia Claman both stated that Mia did all the work- designed everything, did the show, all that. But proof has come up showing that all of "Mia's collection" is actually from an American store/designer called Blaque Label. Read more 

Once they were found out, the Clamans defended themselves saying it was a collaboration and that Blaque Label creates and designs stuff for people. Even Jody's sister Sandra was tweeting in their defense. Read more.

I don't like to make assumptions so I just contacted Blaque Label directly. The verdict:

  • they do not design for other people
  • they have no idea who the Clamans are
  • the Clamans are not authorized retailers
  • the Clamans have no right to be taking off their label and claiming it as their own
They're looking into the matter further. I get the feeling that they could sue for fraud. What the Clamans doing is illegal. They cannot claim another brand as their own.

We'll see how things go. If you want to contact Blaque Label, here's their contact page. You could try contacting Jody too but I doubt she'll respond .


Okay I found some of Jody's defensive tweets:

As you can see, she enthusiastically defends her brand while insulting people in the process. Way to go Jody!


  1. Jody's tweet about the "collaboration" is still on her page

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  2. OMG !! I just found the funniest Jody quote ever in one of her interviews! It goes like this:

    "I think the reason I’m successful is because I’m honest. You have to be honorable in life, and be honest and not delusional."

    and she says:

    "I’ve made a lot of money from my clients because I’m kind to them, and they trust me."

    (interview by Brent Furdyk)

    What an irony !!!