Friday, June 1, 2012

Season 1, Ep 9

Oh. My. God.

Best episode yet. I just want to get right to the end but I'll try pace myself.

Ronnie took the news about Blue Tulum better than I thought she would. I'm glad she and Mary made up. They seem like a great pair but they're been fighting for most of the show so it's hard to tell. Let's hope they stay that way.

I thought Reiko and the green belt experience was hilarious. I have no idea how she does it. I've heard the show was filmed during the summer so biking 8.4 km in that heat couldn't have been easy. But she did it and got her belt!

Okay I can't wait- The Room! Well more specifically Jody:

  • what was with that toilet comment about Mary? Not only was it weird but she denied it later. Uh they got it on camera sweet cheeks
  • also I hate when she says sweet cheeks 
  • who shows up at someone else's event then proceed to insult their friends?
  • if you have to sue because you're so sensitive about someone saying your store sells second-hand goods, then there's definitely something going on. I probably was at some point or the stuff is fake. She did say she had Hermes bags but Hermes only retails within their own stores. They'd have to be used or fakes.
  • like I've said before. I don't think she's actually rich. Maybe her husband is and/or maybe she's well off but definitely not rich. She didn't try on one thing at the store so makes you wonder
I was actually thrilled when not just Ronnie but Reiko too started standing up for Mary. I think I actually laughed. I don't think Jody saw that coming. And when Ronnie ripped up the letter: applause. Best part of the season so far. I'm so happy to see everyone who matters on Team Mary.

And what was with the lawsuit? I can't imagine being the judge in that case.

Oh and did you know Jody's been sued 16 times?! Check out this website and look up her name.

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  1. Jody has been sued more than 16 times. Try looking at her first married name Jody Deakin and her last married name Jody Friedlander.