Friday, June 1, 2012

Season 1, Ep 8

My Real Housewives blogs have rapidly become my most-read posts. So with that encouragement: EPISODE 8 RECAP!

I'm officially no fan of Jody. What a bitch. I can't remember who said it but lol to whoever claimed her business was a second-hand boutique. Mary I think. Jody is the most child-like and the biggest hypocrite. That comment to Reiko about her cars being stolen is what I think she genuinely thinks of her.

I don't think Jody is actually wealthy. I know when she said her muffin thing made $4,000 a day but if you factor in labour, costs, transportation, packaging, etc, it comes to a lot less. My mom's been in the food industry for years and you don't make big margins off of food. And if the store she's running really is a thrift store then most of that stuff is probably on consignment.

I know she wears expensive stuff but if you buy a few high end pieces it isn't hard to pull off the "look how well I do" look. She might actually be the least well-off in the bunch. "Even Christina who doesn't work?" Yep. Her ex-husband is a Keg Steakhouse CEO. She probably did very well in her divorce. She must have to look like what she does and to have married this guy:

I think I actually uttered an "OMG" when Jody went running off to tell Ronnie about Mary's drink and trip. Like STFU, it's not your buisness. I understand why Mary wouldn't have invited Ronnie- they just made up and I think Mary really needed a trip to just relax. I foresee Ronnie getting really worked up about the drink. I don't think she should. It's not like Mary deliberately went and mixed a drink because she had a new wine. Also I hate that Ronnie has to say Mary does whatever she does. She used a jacket as an example. It's an article of clothing: if a woman sees it and likes it, she's going to go buy one. I doubt she does it just to match you. 

How promising does next week's episode look btw?!

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