Friday, June 1, 2012

Season 1, Ep 7

In the first half of the show, everyone who had kids took them back to school. It was nice to see everyone's offspring. Opinions about that:

  • Mary: she's so cute. How can you not love Mary? She puts hearts on smiley's on her kids' lunches still. I wish my mom still did that. I also wish I remembered to take lunch to school.
  • Ronnie: I think she only took the jet for the sake of showing off. And what was with the cougar shirt? It shouldn't take a 15 year old to tell you that's inappropriate to wear to a school.The school her kid Houston goes to, Shawnigan Lake, has been on my "potential school for future children" list for a long time. While the school is nice, it definitely isn't "Harry Potter like". Hogwarts is a castle, not a large house. Maybe she hasn't seen the movie or read the books. Anyway, so she takes her kid to school on a privet jet and when they get there, Houston's friends make fun of him. Something about the way he answered them leaves me to believe he's not very confident. Hm.
  • Jody: ugh, her daughter Hannah is the cutest thing. She looked adorable in the Burberry skirt but alas she found it too itchy. If she doesn't want to wear it she should give it to me. Summer's coming and I could use some skirts.
  • Reiko: I like Reiko but between a mother that lives with her and a nanny/house-keeper, what does she do all day?!?!
Once the kids were all off to school, Ronnie went to a meeting with liquor store owners and continued to prove you don't need to be smart to do well in life. Say what you will but if you're starting a company, shouldn't you know what's going on with your product and its industry? I'll give her credit for her wine's name though- Rehab. I don't drink whatsoever but I'd try her wine just because of the name. Also she was right about the label; it could be a little bolder.

I didn't really like Ronnie but halfway through the episode I started warming up to her a little. I liked that she invited Mary (okay, maybe that's more her son's doing but still) and supported her when Jody and Mia came up to her.

WTF IS WITH MIA?! Everybody's having a good time and she feels the need to start something over a comment nobody cared about initially when it first came up however long ago it was. If someone isn't sure you're Jewish, confirm or deny you are then move on. I don't see how it's necessary to get all worked up about someone's uncertainty and then verbally attack them. Jody too. I don't see the issue with Mary exposing her belly. So what she's 48? She looks great for her age, it looked fine and it's none of their business. I'd be more concerned about Jody who's like 60 and still wearing a tiara. What are you, 5?

And Christina as usual was fantastic and funny. She's my favourite. 

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