Saturday, June 14, 2014

Jody Clama's Craziness Continues

Following Mia Claman's shooting last Sunday, Jody Claman's own craziness continues.

First there was a cease-and-desist letter she sent to Mary Zilba after she spoke to CBC about the incident. That was quickly followed up with a lawsuit. Then she allegedly denied Mia's father from visiting her in the hospital.

Now media outlets are revealing her strange behavior is still strong. Allegedly a reporter called her and she told them "We are not interested in your trash stories" before hanging up. The reporter called her back and she told them “Our calls are being recorded by the RCMP” and hung up again.

That's a lie. Mia's shooting is being handled at the municipal level, that's why the Vancouver Police Department is the one that is handling all this. Not the federal government/RCMP. And Canada is pretty strict about privacy laws. It's doubtful they would record these calls unless they seriously suspected gangs to be ringing her household regularly. Maybe they oughta record Mia's calls.

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