Friday, October 11, 2013

More on Mary's Billionaire Boyfriend

Mary's starting to get back into the dating game, and what better way to play than with a billionaire? After visiting a match-making service, Mary went on a date with W. Brett Wilson during season 2 of the Real Housewives of Vancouver. Their romance has been documented on a number of blogs since the fall of last year. They've been seen at fashion shows, Canucks games, and a fundraising event on a cruise. The pair are no longer together I suppose as Wilson told the Calgary Herald this past spring that he is single.

Ah well, Mary can do better. The man obviously has poor taste. Not only did he heavily indulge in some self-promotion on their date, in addition to taking in Mary's scenic mountain view (if ya know what I mean), but he has also tweeted that the Real Housewives of Vancouver made him fall asleep. #loser Perhaps someone of equally poor taste like Jody would've been better.

Mr. W. Brett Wilson is really a billionaire. His net worth is an estimated $1.5 billion. Impressive considering he's from North Battleford, Saskatchewan- a town of 14,000 people in Canada's most desolate province. His fortune comes primarily from investment banking, an investment banking advisory firm, and a Canadian stock brokerage firm. He also owns part of the Nashville Predators, writes a column for the National Post, has appeared on Dragon's Den, and is currently working on his own show called Risky Business.

And this is what we call gross

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