Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Prediction: Who Stays & Who Goes

I absolutely loved season one's cast of the Real Housewives of Vancouver. But Reiko was not asked back because she didn't "bring enough drama". And even though most people say she left to do a travel show, other rumors suggest Christina also was not asked back because she filmed and uploaded an unauthorized RHOV aftershow type of thing. So based on that, here's my guess as to who stays and who won't be asked back from season two's cast.

Jody: love her or hate her, Jody is as much apart of the cast as the city of Vancouver. Defiantly staying. She brings too much drama to be overlooked.

Mary: stay. Who would Jody pick on if she left?

Ronnie: also a stay. She's the reason for 90% of Jody/Mary fights even though she's probably sick of it. Also, who does love drooling over her house?

Amanda: yes, yes, yes. She gives even Jody a run for the money when it comes to creating drama. She yelled at everybody for something. Also, her wardrobe was defiantly eye-catching:

Robin: maybe. I absolutely love Robin and hope she does come back. But a part of me worries she didn't cause enough of a ruckus to return. I though she was a great cast member because of her sense of humor and horses, but then again, so was Christina. Fingers crossed.

Ioulia: yeah, probably. She was funny and picked a few fights. Plus we got to see her husband and hot step-children.


  1. You're right about Jody - she'll be back - it's what she does now. I'm pretty sick of her and I would like to see Ronnie grow up and realize that Mary is a true friend. I didn't know Christina uploaded an after show type thing. I wonder what she's up to. I would love to see Christina come back!

  2. I don't believe Jody will be back. I love to hate certain housewives but there's no love here. Watching her is just plain uncomfortable. I think Reiko is coming back, Ronnie and Mary too. I'd like to see Robin back, Amanda not so much.

  3. Unfortunately the series is not coming back for a 3rd season anytime soon :(