Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Recap: Season 2, Episode 1

The Real Housewives of Vancouver is BACK! So here we go with the first episode's recap.

The Real Housewives of Vancouver season 2 cast

First and foremost, the opening lines. I loved all of them:

  • Ronnie: "Life's a journey, it's just more fun on a privet jet."
  • Amanda: "I've put my demons behind me, but I'm still no angel."
  • Robin: "I may be a country girl, but I've still got the city in the palm of my hand."
  • Mary: "Life in the spotlight can be tough when you don't know who to trust."
  • Ioulia: "Vancouver's beauty is one-of-a-kind, just like me."
  • Jody: "Nothing tastes as sweet as success, and I've got the perfect recipe for it."

The show kicks off with its usual catchy music and aerial shots of Vancouver before turning to Ronnie Negus and her mind-boggling house. She starts by reflecting on the first season, talking about her daughter Remington's near-death experience, and how she's since developed from that and has even stopped drinking. She then sits down with her two sons to talk about hosting a BBQ for the paramedics and hospital staff that saved Remy's life. Upon finding out Jody will be there, Houston says; "I just feel like if I'm coming down the stairs and I'm wearing the wrong thing, she's kinda gonna look at me like I'm wearing something out of season...". I worry that for everyone attending the BBQ. 

Ronnie and her son, Houston

Next up, last season's Queen of Mean, Jody Claman:

Jody Claman

Jody's daughter, Mia, comes over to see her and shows off what looks to be the Celine tote bag (they retail for around $2,000-$3,000). She also discusses her new nose. I agree with Jody that Mia looked fine before. The new model's cute too though.

Mia Claman's nose job: now and then

During her visit, Mia asks Jody to meet with her friend Amanda and give her business tips about a new tea line she's starting. Jody reluctantly agrees to make time in her busy schedule and go.

Next up, Ronnie and Mary Zilba meet up at Vancouver's Admiral Cafe-Bistro to discuss Ronnie's upcoming BBQ. Over cups of coffee, they vow to be better friends to each other and even write up a contract. But will it last?

Mary then meets up with new wife Ioulia Reynolds, an art consultant, to buy some art work. Unfortunately Mary did not find the abstract nudes to her liking and left empty handed. She also almost hit hit by Ioulia's Porsche on the way out of her parking spot!

One of the rejected art works
My favourite part was with the horses. Ronnie takes Remy horseback riding as its a highly therapeutic sport. I think they were at Southlands Riding Club. While they were there, we met another new wife, Robin Reichman. Robin offers up her horse, Giggy- a European Warmblood, for Remy to ride.

Ronnie and Charley leading Remy on her pony

Robin and her horse Giggy

After riding, Robin shares with Ronnie that she lost one of her twins at 26 weeks. Ronnie then tells her about Remy also being born prematurely.  Remy then invites her over to their BBQ. Robin and Ronnie seem like they would be good friends, but a preview of the upcoming season has me thinking they'll eventually part.

Next, we meet the final housewife, Amanda Hansen. She and Jody meet to discuss her line of Kombucha Tea. Amanda says the tea is sweet, but on her one-on-one, Jody reveals that she found a similar brand of the tea vinegary and quite expensive. The meeting ends on good terms with Jody telling Amanda she'll support her, and then invites her to Ronnie's BBQ.

With the exception of Mary and Ioulia, everyone manages to get to the BBQ without too much trouble. Mary consults her housekeeper Mary for fashion advice, and Ioulia dons 3 different outfits before letting her husband pick the third as his favourite.

Ioulia's husband Damien 
The BBQ was very sweet. There were a lot of heartfelt moments. Ronnie expressed her gratitude for the paramedics, doctors and nurses that saved Remy's life. Mary sang her song "Hero" to Remy.

As expected, Jody was in no mood for Mary. Unexpectedly, Robin and Amanda are already off to a rough start. Robin expressed admiration for Ronnie's ability to just stop drinking and said that was how it should be done. Amanda disagreed and said some alcoholics need more help. Hm, will it escalate? Guess we'll find out!

Episode Highlights

Funniest Moment: Ioulia's Texan impression
Sweetest Moment: Ronnie's speech of thanks to the medical staff that helped Remy
Best Opening Line: Amanda
Favourite New Housewife: Robin- 40% because of the Texas accent, the rest because horses
Favourite Outfit: Mary's BBQ look

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  1. I know viewers softened towards Ronnie last season when they saw her with Remy, but c'mon, that doesn't mean it has to become the Remy show! Remy's a little doll but I watch for the drama with the grown up ladies.