Sunday, July 15, 2012

M.I.A= Missing in Authenticity

Well it seems as if new Hermes isn't the only lie the Clamans are selling. Jody Claman's daughter, Mia, is also on the scam bandwagon.

The M.I.A line that was debuted on the first season of the Real Housewives of Vancouver is from the 2011 Holiday collection of the brand "Blaque Label". The original label was simply ripped out and replaced with "M.I.A".

Here's a photo of the models from Mia's M.I.A fashion launch in Vancouver:

And here's screenshots of some of the dresses listed on varies websites:

Model first from left

Model second from right wearing it in black

Model 5th from left
Here's the links if you'd like to take a closer look or maybe buy them for yourself. The feather dress is kinda cute. My birthday's on Wednesday so if any of you wanna send me something. ;)

I don't even know what to say. Oh Jody. And Mia.


  1. The "Blaque Label" look book for the Holiday 2011 collection, where you can find all the outfits from the alleged MIA fashion show:

    Here are more examples:
    (blue chiffon dress)
    (black feather skirt + blue top)

    Oh, and just to verify that the Clamans actually presented these clothes as their own MIA couture line, look here:

    What a blatant lie !!!

  2. I actually found something interesting:

    It is a t-shirt with lace sewn onto the arms and a MIA label. It is from March 2012. So she might have actually come around to producing something. Or is it just another knock-off with a MIA tag sewn in?

    She definitely didn´t design the garments that were shown on the MIA launch show...

  3. Haha, and something more:

    This is the MIA label and I am pretty sure that that is the blue blouse that is part of the "Blaque Label" collection. You can see that the label is sewn untidily on top of the washing instructions. And it was obviously attached at a later point. That is not how it is properly done. The MIA label was clearly sewn into the garment after another tag (Blaque Label) had been taken out.

  4. Now it is getting even better:

    This is Mia Claman and her corresponding Tweet reads: "Wearing a MIA dress"

    Hahahaha, it is the pink feather mini dress that you can all see on the picture above in the blog, the "Blaque Label Feather Mini Dress".

    What an effrontery !!!

  5. A rack of clothes with Mia´s Tweet: "Sparkle sparkle more MIA"

    When in reality these are all original "Black Label" garments, as you can see in the look book:

    I am speechless in the face of such impertinence...

  6. The brand "Blaque Label" - where Mia bought all the garments for her MIA line - is based in L.A. They sell their designs exclusively under their own brand name, as you can see here:

    The designer behind "Blaque Label" is called Vanessa Lee from Los Angeles in the US and she started the brand in 2008. You can read about it here:

    Jody´s sister, Sandra Claman Jaheny (@SJaheny), tried to convince us on Twitter that "Blaque Label" was really "just a manufacturing co. in Asia who designs for e.g. TopShop, H&M etc." Very UNTRUE!!! If you look at the links you will see that BL creates their own collections. They do NOT design for other brands to put their own labels onto the garments.

    Also, Sandra alleged that they never denied the fact that they were using "Blaque Label". Ahem, what ??? Is that not denying when you claim to have created something that was actually created by someone else? At least you are denying the real designer the credit for their work. Plus, the Clamans never hired "Blaque Label" to design anything for them. They simply bought the dresses that were already on the market - available for anybody to buy in stores or online - and put their MIA label on them. If they were not denying anything they could have simply put the garments as original "Blaque Label" into their store... just as other boutiques do it.

    It is sad to see that Jody´s sister is in on the lying as well now! The whole family doesn´t seem to care about honesty.

  7. There is new development in "Jody Claman´s magic land of illusion where you can twist reality as it fits you":

    So, now it is not a manufacturing deal anymore but they have a "collaboration" with "Blaque Label" - according to Jody´s Twitter.

    Only funny that Blaque Label doesn´t know anything about any sort of agreement with the Clamans. Maybe Jody hasn´t quite understood that a collaboration actually requires TWO parties being involved in a deal...

    It is not considered a collaboration when you buy clothes, rip out the original tags and put your own labels on them - all without the consent of the original creator. That is called pretension of creatorship!

  8. I've seen this on Melissa Gorga from Real Housewives New Jersey. She wore it for her single launch party in Season 4 which aired in 2012 but was shot in early 2011. If they designed this dress how come Melissa is wearing it in early 2011? I'm guessing rhov was shot in early 2012 or late 2011? I can post a link if you like so you can see the dress?

  9. And sorry I was talking about the nude and black lace dress

  10. Here is a link

  11. It also very clearly states that it is available to buy at Reveboutique (where a lot of the housewives clothes are from). It seems they aren't selling it anymore though because its from a few years ago...but that idiot Mia is still trying to pass it off as her own?!

  12. These Claman chicks' behaviour is un-f-ing-believable. Anyone up for a good ol' tar, feathering and riding them both out of town on a rail?