Thursday, June 7, 2012

Season 1, Ep 11

New standard line of blog introduction: WTF JODY AND MIA?!?! These gyaldems have lost their minds. Anyway, season1, episode 11 recap...

Last episode Christina revealed Mia had stayed over at her house for a night because she was intoxicated. Now it seems like they had an affair of some sort. Mia of course is denying it to Jody but Christina doesn't seem to have a problem with letting everybody know. What was with Jody's "robe of truth"? She looked like a circus tent for Cirque du Soleil or something.

Jody and the "robe of truth"
Reiko's husband, Sun, turned 42 and she threw him a Bollywood themed party because he's Indian. There were elephants, a henna party beforehand, Indian dancers, everyone wore saris- the works. Again because Reiko's husband is INDIAN. So why does Jody feel the need to come in and go on about how she went to Bollywood parties when she lived in London and how it's done already and blah blah? Like really lady:

  • no one cares what parties you went to back in the 16th century
  • HE'S INDIAN. Would you not throw your kids a bar/bat mitzvah? Like they've been doing those for a long time. Is that outdated? It's part of their culture. Shut your ignorant mouth
  • also it isn't your party
  • and why was your daughter not in a sari?
Mia out of costume
Everyone but Ronnie pretty much ignored Jody. Mary and Christina still have their issues with her and Reiko's still upset about the overcharge to her credit card Jody issued (which she still hasn't resolved). Also lol to Reiko for upstaging her husband's entrance at his own party. Gotta love her. 

Reiko leading the party
Then there was another event at the Loden. I can't remember the cause but I'm sure it was important. Again, most of the group tried to avoid Jody. Ronnie got drunk and kicked Christina's ass at a game of poker. I believe she won $100,000. Go Ronnie. Then when they were leaving Jody tried to get Ronnie to go with her but Mary managed to drag her away with her group.

And on another note, how cute was Reiko's daughter Alize for trying to get Christina's boots off?!

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