Tuesday, June 10, 2014

Reiko's Family and Relationship Drama

Since she was cut from the Real Housewives of Vancouver, Reiko Mackenzie's life has taken a dramatic turn for the worse in her personal life.

In October of 2012, she announced her separation from husband Sun Mackenzie. She then started dating Vancouver-based DJ Kasha Kennedy but the two broke up. Allegedly it was Kennedy who ended the relationship and Reiko is devastated.

Now there are rumors circulating that Sun Mackenzie is not paying Reiko child support for their two daughters, Ashanti and Alizee. Allegedly she is gearing up to take him to court to settle the matter.

It will be their second time in court together. Court documents show the couple appeared in court in January of this year. Likely to finalize their divorce is my guess.

Speaking of Reiko vs Sun, it seems Sun has a new girlfriend and Reiko is not happy. She tweeted threats to the girl- supposedly a 19/20 year old waitress- and her employer. Reiko quickly deleted the tweets of which I unfortunately do not have copies of.

His young new girlfriend isn't the only thing Sun has been enjoying since his separation/divorce. He was spotted partying with Ronnie Negus's son Jhordan following his split from Reiko. #turnup

I guess we'll see what becomes of their family drama when new court documents are released. I love that BC does that.

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