Wednesday, June 11, 2014

PHOTOS: See Mia Claman in Hospital and Her Alleged Gangster Boyfriend

Earlier this morning, Jody Claman shared a photo of her daughter Mia in the hospital. The photo was quickly deleted but lucky managed to save the photo in time.

They also revealed that the man Mia was with is allegedly Jeffrey Chang, a suspected member of the Wolf Pack gang in Vancouver. It also appears as if the two are dating. A number of photos show the two on vacation together, hanging out, and even a bouquet of roses. You can see all the pictures here. 

 It looks like alleged gang activity runs in the family for Jeffrey Chang. He's the younger brother of Jonathan Chu-Ka Chang, an alleged gangster who was killed back in 2009 by gunfire behind a Burnaby gym when he was just 27. The murder remains unsolved.

Numerous news outlets have contacted Jody requesting an interview, but so far she hasn't responded.

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