Friday, February 1, 2013

The Real Housewives and Their Fans

You're only as famous as your fans. In order to stay on top, you need a supportive fan base- the bigger the better. Here we rank the season one's cast of the Real Housewives of Vancouver castmates by their fan pages and their own engagement with their fans via Twitter:

  1. Ronnie Negus: her Twitter fan page @RonnieNegusFans is the most popular with over 500 followers, the longest running and still tweets regularly. Ronnie herself is also pretty social among her admirers. She frequently tweets her fans back or retweets their messages of support. She's also been know to reward her most loyal fans with bottles of Rehab.
  2. Jody Claman: also frequently reaches out to fans. She has also rewarded her most loyal fans with phone calls. She's supported by two pages (although one hasn't tweeted since July) and @LindaNTyler which is essentially a Claman fan page with a different name
  3. Mary Zilba: also regularly reaches out to fans. Her new fan page @MaryZilbaFans is still fairly young but has potential to help build her fan base. She has another fan Twitter page called @MaryZilbaUSA but that one hasn't tweeted since August.
  4. Christina Kiesel: doesn't even have Twitter but has a pretty strong fan page. @CKieselRHOVfans has over 120 followers and still regularly tweets
  5. Reiko Mackenzie: her fan page has been inactive for over a month. Looking through the tweets, almost none of them were about Reiko. And the few tweets reaching out to her went unanswered.
How will season's 2 cast compare to season 1? The season hasn't aired yet so it's too early to tell if who we're making our fan account for. They do seem fairly social and friendly though. Hopefully they'll have the engagement of Ronnie, Jody and Mary, and in turn, just as loyal fans. 


While we're on the topic of not making fan pages prematurely, a moment of silence for @LisaMarieFans.

After another RHOV blogger falsely reported that Lisa Marie Blair was a new housewife, an over-eager RHOV fan made a fan page for her.  If they're quick, they can maybe change it to Amanda/Robin/Ioulia fans before other people start claiming them.

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