Sunday, January 13, 2013

Real Housewife: Robin R. Reichman

  • is originally from Texas and moved to Vancouver 19 years ago
  • has two young daughters
  • has two nannies, a house in Point Grey and a horse named Giggy
  • has strong Christian values, and a fondness for gossip and partying
  • worked at a Dallas-area prison for 8 years


  1. And really bad hair...hello i know a great color technician!

  2. Lovely, real lady. Very pretty.

  3. Robin your a true asset to the show you bring class to an otherwise deeming and bullying show.. thank you for showing others on the show that your not going to allow this behaviour. I HOPE that you would take the time out of ur busy schedule to go show others that bullying is definatley a no no!!!! perhaps starting with jody would be a start ... xxx your awesome