Thursday, October 11, 2012

We Need to Talk About the Bachelor Canada

Okay just one post, I promise. But I need to say things! Although that's how the RHOV started out and now look what a full fledged mess it is. ;)

WHAT IS GOING ON WITH WHITNEY'S EYEBROWS?! Seriously, I just wanna wax them. But I alas do not have access to wax or Whitney, but I do have Photoshop. I fixed her!:

I also don't like Whitney. She just met the guy but she's so possessive  I actually like Gabrielle more. I wouldn't ever bring her around my man but since I'm defiantly not Team Whitney, I'll pick the other side. Also when asked which animal she wanted to be, she responded with: "An alligator – powerful when I’m alive, and a beautiful purse when I’m dead." If that's not something Jody would say.

And what was with that girl crying because Brad and Whitney were kissing? Suck it up.

Also, I can't say I like the bachelor after his talk with Melissa Marie (the single mom). You can't go on about how you're ready to settle down when the idea of a 6-year old terrifies you. 

I liked Melissa Marie. Also if you want to see her noodiez (pervs) I found some. I just stumbled upon, I swear! She photographs quite well.

Click here for more pic (NSFW)
Also, the host needs to go. What is it with Canadian reality shows and bad hosts? Let's get Alex Trebek all up in here. 

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